DOM, home in Polish, is the ultimate collection of award-winning and published homes available to stay and live in, founded and curated by award-winning interior architect Marta Nowicka. In tune with the wider trend for designers and architects to open up their homes, DOM collates the best on offer and links to the owner’s preferred booking channels, taking all the hassle away.

DOM was built from Marta’s own passion for converting derelict commercial buildings into stunning places to stay in and live in. Paying homage to the narrative of the property, each home is a unique kingDOM. DOM comprises Marta’s own properties as well as homes which meet her rigorous architectural criteria. All DOM properties are clever concepts with unique architectural features and a natural calmness and serenity. Instantly discover an amazing getaway or stunning living space which normally takes forever to find. DOMestic bliss.

Marta Nowicka was born in London to creative polish parents who respectfully practiced architecture and fashion design. Creativity was in the blood, as was Polish culture and lots of vodka. Marta studied interior architecture at Kingston University under the wisDOM of Fred Scott and Ben Kelly which led to a glittering career in commercial and DOMestic design as well as a thriving lecturing career. Her design work has DOMinated the very best design and architectural publications and many lifestyle books. Marta appears on TV and teaches at the Royal College of Art. Her boundless experience in the design and architectural kingDOM has made her the arbiter of spaces, taste and style, the officialDOM of design.

DOM invites you to enjoy design and experience architecture first hand by staying there and living there. FreeDOM.